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Why You are Not Losing Weight

Updated: Mar 16

12 Reasons to Know Why You are Not Losing Weight

12 Reasons to Know Why You are Not Losing Weight

Why You Are Not Losing Weight?

95% of dieters gain back all the weight they lost and even include additional pounds after a year. So, for what reason do we follow a new diet prevailing fashion year after year with such baffling guarantees? We need answers and we need to look amazing, yet it is time we understand that diets don't work since they are excessively prohibitive, excessively discouraging, and don't think that we are people with various bodies, digestion, and way of life. It is time we face slimming down machines and start supporting our bodies.

Below I will tell you 12 reasons why you're not losing weight:

1- Diet

Even though you may be eating a similar number of calories daily as your companion, you may have a slower weight loss if you are eating an inappropriate thing. Many states a calorie is a calorie; however, this isn't totally evident. Calories that you take in from fruits, vegetables, meats, and whole grains have a very surprising impact on the body than those from exceptionally prepared foods, basic carbs and sugars, and greasy meats. Include healthy food in your diet if you’re not losing weight.

2- Not Keeping a Food Diary

The vast majority are bad at deciding how much food they eat consistently. Those little bites and hot cocoas that are devoured subliminally would all be able to increase your everyday calorie consumption after some time. The most ideal approach to stay away from superfluous calories crawling into your diet is to keep a normal food diary where you directly down all that you eat. Each food, drink, or nibble you devour for the day should be recorded in your healthy food journal. Toward the day's end include your total sum of calories and do a genuine evaluation.

3- Medications

People who experience the ill effects of mental issues, hypertension, diabetes, wretchedness, epilepsy, and fiery issues may have more trouble losing weight because of the medicine they take. Not exclusively can these medications obstruct your weight loss progress, yet they can also make you gain weight. This is because a few medications modify digestion, increment hunger, thwart the retention of blood glucose, or cause exhaustion.

4- Slow Metabolism

People ignore losing weight because of very moderate digestion. Long periods of nonstop inertia make the digestion at first vacillate, then in the long run delayed down. Metabolic rates additionally delayed down as we age. This is the reason numerous people change their weight control plans definitely as they get more established; they basically can't eat vague foods from what they used to be ready to.

5- Not Planning Your Meals Well Enough

When you don't design your meals, you wind up succumbing to longings and the utilization of undesirable, unhealthy foods. When you leave for work in the first part of the day, convey a lunch alongside some sound nutritious bites. If the workplace doesn't have a flask that serves healthy food, then it's also a smart thought to set up your own and bring them into work. Use Tupperware and cook your own meals the prior night.

6- Starving Yourself

This is the most noticeably awful thing for you to do. If you quit eating totally, your body will lose weight however will also be feeble and lazy. Underrating is probably the greatest error people make while trying to lose weight. The body is probably going to go into stun and energy levels will be path underneath the typical. The body needs healthy food to help you with practicing and raise digestion so you consume the fat.

7- Menopause

Another normal issue for weight gain that will just influence ladies and not men is menopause. The age for menopause will differ with every lady and maturing accompanies a hindering your digestion. In any case, hormonal changes do cause yearning, despondency, and even an exceptionally helpless rest design. When ladies experience menopause they lose estrogen. The loss of estrogen makes ladies gain more weight in their waist.

8- Poor Digestive Enzymes

The next reason why people neglect to lose weight is that they need more stomach-related chemicals. Proteins are what cause our food to separate into a fluid-like consistency. When the food is separated, we have simple disposals. Live and raw foods contain proteins. All live or crude foods contain stomach-related compounds that separate the food in our bodies.

9- Not Working Out Hard Enough

A couple of times I endeavored weight loss before succeeding I would do a couple of divider push-ups and afterward a couple of crunches and surrender. To get in shape you have to turn out to be hard. I at last shed pounds after running for 30-45 minutes one after another, biking to and from labor for an aggregated hour daily, and lifting loads. Doing a 5-minute exercise won't cut it.

10- Not Enough Water

The vast majority are incessantly got dried out, and we regularly botch hunger for hunger. If you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of water before surrendering to yearnings. Cutoff fluid calories from pop, juice, and espresso.

11- No Proper Exercise Program

Tone down those muscles by following an appropriate exacting activity system. Doing a hundred and one unique activities in the recenter each day, to lose fatigue, is an inappropriate activity. Do practices that will help you with working those muscles and consume calories. Accept the guidance of a Fitness Trainer who will suggest the right kind of activity for you. Be driving forward and have an objective.

12- You Are Not Active Enough

Is it true that you are Moving Frequently at a Slow Pace for three to five hours consistently? Keep in mind: the close everyday low-level (between 55-75% max pulse) development should be the bedrock of your wellness routine. It's easy to do and it doesn't dunk into your glycogen holds.


Losing weight might be basic yet it is as yet a test you shouldn't need to confront alone. Join a care group or request that your family support your endeavors. The reality is you need all the help you with canning get so you don't tumble off the wellness cart until the end of time. The same thing goes for your weight loss plan; you need one that will take you by the hand and help you through the process step by step. The above-mentioned reasons will let you know why you’re not losing weight.

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